Monday, February 29, 2016

This post is brought to you by the letters O, C, and D.

Since I'm finally moving back and getting settled into my office again, I'm trying to get really organized and maximize my space with functionally designed storage.

I get carried away sometimes.   (cough, cough, OCD, cough)

But isn't it pretty!  I have two more shelves of card stock and specialty papers labeled like this, too!  I got rid of all the plastic/cello packaging and put them in labeled Avery job ticket holders that I trimmed two of the sides down, just enough to fit into my IKEA magazine sorters.  Maybe now I'll be able to find things a lot faster.

Let's try again, shall we?

I thought a blog was going to be fun.  And easy.

It turned out it was a time consuming thing that I didn't really choose to make time for...  I'm making a few new resolutions.  I'm going to try again.

I just need to keep it simple.  And fun.  Keep me honest here.   Send me a comment, a note, a reminder, a kick in the butt...  I'll do my best.

But anyhow, here goes:

Lots has changed since my last post.  LOL

1. I'm a few months older.  I'm 29 1/2 now...  ;)
2. I'm a Nana to two of the most beautiful little boys ever.
3. I joined the So Suzy Stamps design team, which is a ton of fun.
4. I just moved back into my craft room after a 2 1/2 month remodeling banishment which actually accomplished not a whole lot.  But fresh paint and carpet is amazing.
5. I'm trying to make the most of my free time crafting before my new Nana daycare gig begins in a few weeks!

Here's a few crafty things I've been playing with lately:

One of my challenge cards for today's So Suzy Stamps Cage Match.
This was stamped, then colored with Prismacolor pencils.

The other So Suzy Stamps challenge card.
This one was embossed on watercolor paper, then painted with Sennelier watercolors.

Some Copic airbrushed So Suzy Stamps notecard sets.

This was made with the Haute Wedding Dress from The Ton Stamps using Zig markers for Jessica's 2000 Followers IG hop!

But the best thing to happen lately?  I got to hold these amazing little bitty boys!  I love them so.

See you soon!